2018 Christmas Edition of the Hepburn Home Page

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Welcome Dear Reader.

Jumped right past the Spring and Fall editions of the home page. It’s not like we don’t have room to put all the ideas.  It’s the time that’s hard to fit everything into.  Time just isn’t big enough even though the scientists say it’s infinite.  Humbug.

We Did a lot of renovations on the duplex

A new bathroom upstairs was the first project for 2018.  In the summer we ripped out the concrete patio and used some of the slabs for other projects (see below), then we hauled in some bricks and made walkways.  Next spring we will landscape and plant new grass.  Thanks for the truck JDH and the help PL.

Jasper and Jayden got married

Wedding day photo
Wedding day photo

A great wedding in June.  everyone had a lot of fun that day.

We made retaining walls

a garden retaining wall
Our garden retaining wall was finished. well almost

Some of the concrete from the duplex was repurposed into retaining walls on the acreage.   Another wall which lines the south edge of the driveway is not quite finished.  Winter set in early.

Gracia went to Seattle Washington with her mom.

I don’t have pictures on this site to show, but the two people who went have some on their Instagram accounts:



Kiersten started her second year of college

She’s been working at DQ for pocket money and entered her second year of a Science degree.  It’s possible she may be able to complete the degree in Red Deer, but as it stands right now the last 2 years will have to be done at U of A.  If RDC adds the necessary courses in time, it would save a lot of money for us.

Gracia is Famous [Sort-of]

Gracia is still working for Terra Centre and the program she runs is the focus of their current funding drive.  They have pictures of her on the corporate website.  Check it out here:


We are celebrating Christmas at home

This year we chose one of the trees in the yard to decorate.  There was a spare string of lights and some extra large ornaments which we put on the live spruce tree.  A nice addition to the decorations for the holidays.

A lit christmas tree at night in the snow
Our little Christmas tree in the front yard

Everyone have a safe and merry Christmas holiday

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