06 Mar

New Changes For A New Decade

Changing internet service providers caused a domino affect for my websites and blogs.  The upside to all this is that we now have high speed internet in our hillbilly homestead.  One of the things I did not anticipate was the loss of my web storage space on telusplanet.net.  Now that I have nowhere to put files, I’m looking at a web hosting service.  I think I will post an entry on the Jack of Trades Journal about how I choose one.

…. The Only Constant is Change…

For now, I’m going to live with a mitt full of broken links on both my sites.  I’ve already been looking for a hosting site and there are lots of good ones out there for very little cash output.  I want a Canadian hosting provider with head offices in Canada which seems to dictate a higher cost for the service.  I would have already signed up with one provider except I can’t decide on a domain name!

Oh, I know all the rules for picking domain names.  My previous employer, uogc.com never listened to me about domain management.  Two years after I left they emailed me to ask where the domain was hosted! That’s how on the ball they were.  In order to follow my own advice I’d pick a domain name that was available in all top levels (ie .com, .net, .ca, .info, etc, etc) and register the most popular ones.  I don’t have the cash to do that.  So, it’s gonna be a .ca domain.  www.hepburn.ca belongs to a town in Saskatchewan, and the website is horribly unfinished!  I should call them and tell them if they can’t do a website right, than give me the domain! Honestly, I don’t think my version would be any better.

I think I’ll have a contest.  Name the domain Contest.  The winner gets to say “Yah, I came up with that name.” when I’m dead and famous.  Comment here with your domain name idea.

21 Jan

Building The Homestead Mansion

Hello from the Hillbilly highlands!

Things are going good on the house. I’ve uploaded some pictures to the gallery. House building is still taking the lion’s share of my time, so the website is messy and linkless at times.

The roof is on and I am proceeding with the electrical wiring. Tomorrow, I will be heading into town to purchase heating power to melt the snow trapped in the basement. It will be needed through out the rest of the winter to dry the drywall and cure the concrete floor being poured. Also on the shopping list is plumbing supplies.

I have to get my rest for another week of cold weather working.