New Changes For A New Decade

Changing internet service providers caused a domino affect for my websites and blogs.  The upside to all this is that we now have high speed internet in our hillbilly homestead.  One of the things I did not anticipate was the loss of my web storage space on  Now that I have nowhere to put files, I’m looking at a web hosting service.  I think I will post an entry on the Jack of Trades Journal about how I choose one.

…. The Only Constant is Change…

For now, I’m going to live with a mitt full of broken links on both my sites.  I’ve already been looking for a hosting site and there are lots of good ones out there for very little cash output.  I want a Canadian hosting provider with head offices in Canada which seems to dictate a higher cost for the service.  I would have already signed up with one provider except I can’t decide on a domain name!

Oh, I know all the rules for picking domain names.  My previous employer, never listened to me about domain management.  Two years after I left they emailed me to ask where the domain was hosted! That’s how on the ball they were.  In order to follow my own advice I’d pick a domain name that was available in all top levels (ie .com, .net, .ca, .info, etc, etc) and register the most popular ones.  I don’t have the cash to do that.  So, it’s gonna be a .ca domain. belongs to a town in Saskatchewan, and the website is horribly unfinished!  I should call them and tell them if they can’t do a website right, than give me the domain! Honestly, I don’t think my version would be any better.

I think I’ll have a contest.  Name the domain Contest.  The winner gets to say “Yah, I came up with that name.” when I’m dead and famous.  Comment here with your domain name idea.


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  1. Wow buddy, you have some significant spelling and or gramatical errors here! I'm not trying to be a pain in the ass but the teacher in me just could not let it go! You're at a Canadian site, not Your at a Canadian site.

  2. Mr Anonymous;

    Since there are 3 people in my extended family that have teaching backgrounds, I cannot tell which lurker you are. I have requested assistance from numerous people in my family to help with editing this and other sites I publish. Nobody has helped – until now. Changes were made immediately after reading your comment.

  3. Change is inevitable – except from a vending machine. ~Robert C. Gallagher.

    Ya know…it could be that the hillbillies in Saskatchewan didn’t have high speed internet either…so I will now be watching, with great interest, to see which Hepburn group will wisely wield a wonder of a website.

    Domain suggestions:

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