Our cats

Ok, so I have just made this page because I think that the cats need their own page on the family website, as they are part of the family!

Tessa (R.I.P. 2005 – 2023)

A picture of our cat, Tessa, in a stroller
Barbie cat in her stroller

We got Tessa as a kitten for a Christmas gift 2005. She was cute for awhile, then she went from “little puff ball” to “gigantic (and fat) lion”. It’s kinda pathetic, but we still called her baby. She passed away February 2023 from an unknown illness.

Rosie (the cool cat)

Rosy was a street cat and had kittens while in the SPCA Red Deer. We needed a mouse assassin when we moved into the trailer on the acreage and she was our hired gun.

When we moved into the house she was honourably discharged from active service duty. The transition to civilian life was a struggle she overcame and now actively patrols the house simply from old habits.

In 2023 Rosie became blind but takes it in stride.

She was named after this book: https://openlibrary.org/works/OL3801455W/Rosie_the_cool_cat