Christmas of 2004 part II

Here we are again, nearing Christmas! For the 4th year, this site will host the Christmas wish lists. I have on the table of comments the 2003 wish lists, but I have also included them in this “Blogg” So, Send me your lists! Also, if anyone wants to email some more clip art for the site I will change it.

To view the 2003 lists click here

Here are the 2004 lists:

John 2004

USB memory drive 128 or 256 meg

Cuisinart coffee/spice grinder

Chapter’s GC

Karin 2004

Compact Flash memory card (256 megs) for A75 digital Cannon camera

Camera case for same

Bodum 12 oz coffee maker (plunger style)

Recipe holder/book (saw one at Chapters)

James 2004
Cathy 2004
Royce 2004
Daniel 2004
Erin 2004
Heather 2004

250 Best Canadian Bread Machine Baking Recipes by Donna Washburn and Heather Butt

A hair brush, preferably with real bristles


Pipe clamps-the chairs are desperately calling out

A Travel Mug since I left Big Red on the island on the top shelf in the Kitchen!

Chamois to clean the chip and popcorn residue off the leather couches inflicted by the local population

Flat wear for my stainless steel cutlery set – teaspoons, serving pieces Oneida Deluxe Stainless pattern called needlepoint (at the Bay)

Hair dooies

Any Cross and Olive or Waterford Crystal – Rock glasses would be nice for mountain entertaining The Consignment Gallery never lets me down

Jewelry if you are thinking of something small but significant

Picture frames and photo albums since I am unpacking and discovering all these delightful treasures in copious quantities, OH MY GOD

Dave 2004

The Star Wars original 3 movies on DVD box set wide screen edition

Other DVDs Space or War are good I’m a geek, deal with it I have

Four 14 or 15 inch mags with a 4x100mm bolt pattern and about a 38mm offset for the new car

A full sized spare for the car (14 inch with 185 60r14 tire)

A new all in one printer Fax, scan, copy and print photos

Fishing stuff – tackle, books, I’m thinking of trying fly fishing so how to books and videos would be good as well as protective eye wear and some of those spiffy new pliers from Home Hardware that can remove hooks.

A new muffler for the truck

A new stereo for the truck

Pants that look nice but casual for work size 36” waist 30” legs

A subscription to Road and Track, Car and Driver, Sports Car International, PC world etc

Don 2004
Thomas 2004

– A big can (or 2) of Canvas tarp waterproofing/treatment. Found in the camping section of Canadian Tire. They DO stock it but nobody seems to know what it is or where it is. Also sold at Ribtors but more expensive there.

– Another Canvas Tarp from Princess Auto (they’re on sale in December)

– Haggar casual dress pants at Sears, 36 waist.

– Music CD by artist “The Reverend Horton Heat”, album “Holy Roller”

– A motorcycle tarp for my scooter

– gift certificate to Winners

– 10 feet of Ash rough-sawn lumber from Lumber King or Black Forest Wood Products

– Plunge Router; can be from pawn shop, try Cash Converters.

– A buffalo hide; try Stoney Reserve.

Laurie 2004

– Sewing Basket

– Make-up brush set

– Breadmaker

– Chanel No. 5

– Garlic Press

– Spring-form pans

– “The Life of A Tree” by David Suzuki

– “The Good Earth” by Pearl s. Buck

Gracia 2004

-ankle socks( the weirder the better!)

-charm bracelet


A Cinderella Story

Princess Diaries(1 and 2)

-winter boots(7-7.5)

-skate booties

-“Tigger” stuff

-chamois for skates

-locker mirror

-high top shoes(7-7.5)

Kiersten 2004


-new pillow


-her own small teacup/teapot

-halloween jammies

-box of fruit-loops

Jennifer 2004

Body Shop – Cranberry, Grapeseed

Steamer that goes into pots

Good leather gloves

Nice wool scarf

Antique tea cups

CDs – Sting (2 most recent releases), Diana Krall Live in Paris

Picture Frames – Cool and Funky various sizes

Movies – Matrix Reloaded, Italian Job (recent version), Ocean’s Eleven, X2, Sound of Music, Chicago and White Christmas

Fauve 2004

A real puppy

Leg Warmers, the funkier the better

P.J.s soft and cuddly

Books – Chapter books (eg The unicorn’s secret)

Board Games – puzzles,

Teddy Bears – Plush toys

Good winter mitts – several pairs

Clothes – Sweaters (med to large), jeans/pants (size 12 slim), T-shirts – long and short sleeved

Movies – Lizzie McGuire, Sound of Music, What a Girl Wants, Santa Clause 2

More Charms for her bracelet


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