Ten Signs of an Incompetent Leader

I thought this was interesting considering who I work for…

Ten Signs of an Incompetent Leader

By Chris Ortiz, Author of 40+: Overtime Under Poor Leadership

1. Delegates work rather than balancing work loads. This allows all attention to be diverted from them in case of failure.

2. Reduces answers to Yes or No rather than explaining their reasoning.

3. Cannot separate personal life from professional life. Their personal problems come to work with them.

4. Is a crisis manager not a planner.

5. Humiliates subordinates within a group.

6. Creates an environment where mistakes are unacceptable.

7. Will not stand behind subordinates when they fail.

8. Encourages hard workers, not smart workers.

9. Judges people on hours not performance.

10.Will act differently in front of their leaders

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