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Well, It’s 2011 and the Christmas Edition of this Blog never made it to the press.  Here’s why:

Before Christmas I opened a package containing at least7 different virus that auto-ran.  My virus scanner caught the first one.  Six more infected the computer.  It was so bad that at one point I couldn’t get Windows to boot. I’m fairly sure I wasted two weekends working on getting the system up and running.  The system was sooo messed up that I finally called Microsoft Support.  I’ve NEVER done this before, either as a software tester, computer hardware administrator or as a web developer.  I was impressed, slightly.  The support people (a different one each day) were helpful.

So, here is the letter that was sent out to family and friends, however, if you want to see the nice version you can view the pdf :   2010christmas    [written by Gracia]:


Hello, friends and family of the Hepburns.

This year, out letter comes from the newly formed Edmonton Hepburn base, right smack dab in the middle of the city. Our family has gone through some pretty big changes this year, so here’s an update.We started off the year with a birthday celebration of epic proportions: Thomas turns 40! We celebrated the occasion with a trip to Banff. We enjoyed our time immensely, and can’t wait to celebrate Laurie’s big birthday!We were involved in several extra-curriculars: Kiersten was skating and taking piano lessons, while I had a role in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and coached skating. Our parents were busy as well, shuttling us around to our various activities, finishing up jobs around the house, and occasionally doing some work.In June, I graduated high school and the Hepburns embarked on yet another glorious summer. We all travelled to Toronto for a wedding and Tom, Laurie and Kiersten stayed behind in Ontario for a well deserved vacation at our family cottage. I flew home early to continue work, and celebrated my 18th birthday while they were away. The house was still standing when the family arrived home, much to their relief.Soon, it was time for me to move out of the Hepburn family home. I brought all of my most important things with me, and made my way to my new home: the University of Alberta. The rest of the family was distraught without me, but eventually their lives returned to normal.Kiersten started grade 6, and Tom and Laurie went back to the daily grind. Kiersten is a busy bee this year: she spends time missing her fabulous big sister, taking riding lessons, taking piano lessons, and skating her heart out in private lessons. I am taking classes at the U of A and loving every moment of it.So, that’s our year at a glance. We all wish you a very merry Christmas, and a happy new year!Sincerely, The Hepburns written by Gracia Hepburn


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