2012 Christmas Edition of the Hepburn Home Page

Hi, it’s Kiersten with this year’s Christmas letter.

Pop Quiz!
Question #1:How are you?
a) Good.
b) Awesome!
c) Ok…
d) Horrible.

If you answered c, wrong. If you answered a, wrong. If you answered d, well, I feel bad for you and, that one is wrong too. If you answered b,…. Right!!! Since this is the CHRISTMAS letter we should all feel AWESOME, because… well, just because. It’s Christmas!! Be happy!!! You don’t believe me?? Fine. Here is an example of what Christmas can do. (be warned this is not a real story, but it should be)


Random Person sulking in the corner:  “I’m sad.”

Me: “It’s almost Christmas Random Person! Be happy!!”

Random person: “Yaaaaay!!! I’m happy now!!!”


See?? Christmas has magical powers!

Christmas bells with holly and holly berries

Well, enough of my rambling about Christmas, I’ll talk about what we did all year. For starters, I don’t remember much, so don’t blame me if I start putting ps, and pps, and ppps, at the end of the letter. Also, don’t blame me for bad spelling, blame my teachers. So, I’ll start with when we got teepee poles, not sure when we did that, so I’ll guess. I think it was sometime in January… maybe February… anyways, dad went camping in -30 weather in uncle James’s truck, I wanted to go too, but I had school… dumb school…. anyhoo, he got 22 poles, and, moving into summer, we stripped them. Erin and I went to Camp Chief Hector at the Hector lodge, first year of Kananaskins! Can’t wait for next year. We hiked up a mountain (was it Mount ‘Yumnuska’, Erin?) and there was some parts of it that were really steep, and we had to go up it with bags almost as heavy as we are. By the time the hike was done and we were setting up tents, all our shoes were soaked. We had had to walk in water. We went on a canoeing trip too, at the end of the trip we all tipped our canoes (on purpose, of course). At the end of camp Erin, Dad, myself and my Dad’s friend Bill, all went to a restaurant in Calgary (why I am mentioning this you will understand later), and me and Erin got fettuccini Alfredo. Heads up, if you ever get this dish, it will be the best thing you have ever tasted (other than lasagna) [Editor’s note: restaurant is Joey’s Tomato].


After that we didn’t do much. Gracia, my beloved sister, got a job at the Penhold library, and now she is a billionare! Just kidding, she did get enough money to buy her own house* this year, though. She is now living with her friend, Dakota. So me and Gracia went back to school, me to high school(!) and Gracia to 3rd year university(!).  Piano started, and skating started, and now on Thursday I am having a talent show for skating. And on the Thursday after that I am having a test day for skating. And last Friday Mum and Dad went to a Christmas party for Mum’s work, and while they did that I hung around the hotel room. And the best thing that is coming soon is Christmas, so that we can all have a great time with family, eat food and share gifts and put up trees and do all kinds of Christmas stuff. Happy Christmas and whoever has ham for dinner, eat lots for me.


Love you lots,  The Hepburns

 Merry Christmas!

*Editorial: She rents an apartment.  You thought she was rich, didn’t you.


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  1. Great Christmas letter Kiersten! It’s nice to hear things from a younger perspective … very cute 🙂 We had an “awesome” Christmas in our loft. Stayed in our pj’s ’til 5 o’clock … very nice and relaxing. Caity worked Boxing Day and Meg started packing to move back to the country. We had a nice visit with Auntie Gwynne on the 23rd but missed seeing the rest of you. Hopefully in the new year sometime. Take care and keep writing 🙂 xoxoxoxo

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