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Greetings friends and family! We hope that everyone has had a great year in 2014 and is looking forward to a few days off to enjoy each other’s company and some tasty food and drink.

We realized that there were voices in our family that haven’t been heard: Rosie and Tessa (the cats). Well, you know the saying “There’s an App for that”. The Google “Cat Translator App” which we used to give voice to Rosie the grey tabby. We tried it on Tessa, but she’s a “Cat of little brain” and we didn’t get much out of her. Here’s Rosie’s account of the year:

Hellooo, is this on? Oh Hello! I have to say that it’s nice that you people finally made the effort to understand my language. I’ve been fluent in yours for years, yet when I try to speak it’s always, “Rosie, what do you want?”, “Rosie, will you hush!”. Why do I bother with my lengthy orations on the issues of the day when you just don’t listen!

But I digress. I understand that it is my duty to inform the outer circle what life has been like in the Hepburn house this year. Well, despite that fact that nobody seems concerned about it, Gracia still has not returned home! She comes and goes occasionally, but her presence is not consistent or predictable. Most upsetting. When she does come home, she is often unresponsive, even when I walk on her books or computer.

Kiersten however has become my new best friend. For some unknown reason I’ve been banished from Laurie and Tom’s room at night. I did my utmost to keep their legs warm, notify them loudly when there were things of interest going on in the night, and wake them up with loving words very close to their pathetic human ears so they couldn’t help but hear me. These attentions were unappreciated. Kiersten now has the nightly pleasure of my company, and she never launches me off the bed like Tom used to!

Once again this year my family abandoned me for a long period of time. It was in the spring, and they left with little regard for how I was to survive with only Tessa for company. Lovely girl, but very Ginger! I told Brian and Tracey where the family had gone when they came to visit, but alas they too are deaf to my tongue. I knew they were bound for North Carolina, I saw them booking tickets online and heard them talking to Aunt Ruth. They think they’re so sneaky!

My family brought home a great gift for Tessa and I from their trip. You see they tie these strange little ropes around our bodies, and then take us outside. I think the rope is for the benefit of whoever is accompanying our foray outside, as they always seem to be very nervous about the outdoors. I humour them by not walking out of the contraption, as this seems to upset them. It is nice to feel the wind in my face and taste the grass, but I really wish my family had the slightest clue how to use their senses. I smell the most wonderful smells that need investigating, but they always drag me in another direction. Very upsetting.

I’m being told that my rendition of the year is self-centred in nature, and not very representative of the entire family. I’m a cat, what do you expect? Don’t turn that off…

OK, Rosie was babbling so we shut off the App. Christmas letter 2014 in point form, here we go:

What we did:

  • Tom and Kiersten went skiing, lots

  • Gracia switched her major to Psychology

  • We all went on a trip to North Carolina to see Aunt Ruth

  • Laurie got dirt for her birthday (yes, dirt!)

  • Tom fixed the shed room (with help)

  • Kiersten went to hiking camp

  • Tom and Laurie went out for dinner on their anniversary (shocking, I know)

  • Gracia quit Starbucks and worked for YMCA

What we didn’t do:

  • Laurie didn’t get fired in the great PennWest layoff of 2014

  • Kiersten didn’t hate hiking quite as much as she thought she would (close though)

  • Gracia didn’t get her car fixed (Greyhound ahoy!)

  • Tom didn’t fall off the roof

  • We didn’t lose our passports or miss our flight or not meet our connection or crash and burn in the airplane

  • Gracia didn’t regret finding out that she really doesn’t like other people’s kids

  • Didn’t build a dock – that’s next summer

Favourite moments:

  • Picking shells on the beach of North Carolina

  • Planning flowers beds for next year (remember the dirt?)

  • Kiersten getting information packages from Universities – exciting!

  • Taking Rosie and Tessa for “walkies” with bunny harnesses

  • Going to the Sun road and High Tea at the Prince of Wales Hotel

  • Celebrating momentous birthdays with Granny and Auntie G

  • Matt and Jesslyn’s wedding

  • North Carolina BBQ and hushpuppies enjoyed with family

  • Gracia researching Master’s programs

Our hopes for all of you:

  • A wonderful Christmas season

  • Much good cheer and many warm memories

  • Time for rest and contemplation

  • Strength of body, mind and spirit

With all our love,

Tom, Laurie, Gracia and Kiersten


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